We want to emphasize that all competitors shall be in the quarantine zone and collected their participant’s envelope by 15.30 . Competitors that are not present will be excluded from the competition.

Samtliga löpare ska befinna sig i karantänen och hämtat ut sina deltagarkuvert senast 15.30. Löpare som kommer efter 15.30 kommer beläggas med startförbud.

Foreign participants

Participants that represent a non-Swedish club must pay the entry fee in advance. (Please see Bulletin 1/2 for details regarding payment). This applies to all participants that represent a non-Swedish club and is registered through Eventor.

If you don’t have a SI card, it’s possible to rent one from the organizers. The rental cost is SEK 20 (€2,5) for one SI card (SI-5). This fee should also be paid in advance.

Old map

The area has never been used for an orienteering competition before. That means that no old sprint-map exists. Part of the competition area is covered by an old school-map from 1976, “Berga Hage”. It can be downloaded here.

Welcome to Linköping, May 4th, 2012

On May 4th, Linköpings OK invites you to a sprint competition in the heart of Linköping. The competition is part of Silva League and has WRE status. The event center is located very close to Linköping city center in the park “Trädgårdsföreningen”. The competition takes place on friday afternoon/evening, the day before Tiomila in Kvarn, Östergötland.